My Spsecail Room

February 3, 2008

birds flying and chirping,flowers in full bloom.

I love it, my special room.

the sky is  sunny the lake crystal clear.

my speciail room I am at peace here.

here is where I could spend all day.

my specail room is not all that far away.

under a tree beside a window of my bedroom.

a place where I could stay all afternoon.

a place where I can sit and think and clear my head.

my lawn chair is a perfect bed.

my special room, my home away from home I go there to think.

when I return everything is pretty and I’m as happy as the coler pink!


a shouldier

February 3, 2008

Did you see the pain he felt glaring through his eyes?

see how hard the thought he has to hide…he trys

he smiles and talks vacantly through his stare.

sometimes you might wonder if he is really truly there.

he’s not…. you know..but try not to let it show.

He is a soldier, done his job well.

so young though ….and someone might not could tell.

that all he saw and all he did

made him someone no one would know instead.

He may come back one day to an image of his youth,

but his mind and heart will know…his eyes bare all the truth 

                                                                                                             Written by: Linda Munoz

                                                                                                        Published by: Summer Munoz


February 2, 2008

innicent 22 year old I am fearful now.

fearful of a act and I dont know how.

to look past,getover,forgive or forget.

I hate him for doing it.

my life he rearanged.

my life is forever changed.

cutie pie

January 21, 2008

cute and cuddly in her eyes I see.

four legs a tail and fur she belongs to me.

cute and sweet as pie her name is cutie pie.

she loves me but why?

I love her I am her keeper, her friend forever.

she is my cat and I am her owner  cute as pie she is also clever.

I love my cat.

I’m always wondering where she is at.

she is my baby and she completes me my cutie pie!

we have a wonderfull life…..cutiepie and I.

my way

January 17, 2008

They dont like the things I do.

they dont like me being with you.

I wish to be free.

wish you were with me.

In a world that I could have my way.

I dont want to have to do what they say

there will come a day

I will have my way

Hello world!

January 17, 2008

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